Vastu Shastra Home Interior Information

Architecture has an important role in the interior decoration of the house. Color-combination of the inner walls of the house while decorating the interior of the house, Design of Pardo, Furniture, Artifacts, Painting, indoor plants, Wall tiles, sealing POP, If you can make shelves and fancy lights etc. as per Vastu then it will be a complete Vastu position.According to architecture, the path entering the house and around the main gate of the building should have beautiful flower beds and lush green lawns on either side. Shyam basil and lush green plants on the lawn next to the house will make the mind swell as soon as they enter the house

This is the part of your building from where the main building is entered. Leaving the way here, there should be a light furniture and light paint and this part should be kept clean and clean on both sides. Floor carpet in this part of the building,It is better to keep a notch by not using it. Here ever the departed ancestor, battle scenes, Scenes like welcoming violent animal posters etc, Laxmi-Ganesha ji or auspicious signs of religion etc. should be used, Which provides positive energy in the house. Drawing room Ho comfortable The drawing room of any building is a major part of the Athava reception room. In which guests and friends are welcomed. In Vastu, the best direction of the reception is the visual angle located in the northwest,has gone. The basic element of this area is Vayu whose nature is moving. All furniture in such a drawing room should be made of wood. Furniture made of wood with sharp corners not wide rounding will be architectural features. Drawing room made in the audio direction,Light green, Light gray, White or cream color should be used.If the drawing room has windows-doors in the north direction, then blue designs made on a green base that should have curtains of design like water waves. Such light and unlintered curtains are best used. Homeowner’s chair or seating in the drawing room The location should be such that when seated, its face is always east and west
The place of worship of the house should always be arranged in the east-north direction of the house in such a way that the person worshiping should face the east. In such a situation, it is to be given special attention that the urn of water in the place of worship is always on your left side i.e. worship,To the north of the place, the place of burning the light or incense sticks is always on your right. In such a situation, the place of worship will also be able to be arranged internally in such a way that fire will be found in the water and igneous angle in the Ishaan angle. Often in a place of worship,People use Lala colored bulbs for decoration, Which is completely unfair. Natural white here, Yellow or blue should be used. Also, the walls of the worship room should also be painted with light blue or yellow. Always keep in mind that gentle colors are used instead of flamboyant colors in the house of worship.
According to Vastu, rot iron furniture should not be in the bedroom. Your bedroom furniture should also be made of wood. Pastels or very light colors should be used on the walls here. White, Cream, Of white, Ivory, Cream etc. colors are fine for bedrooms made in all directions. The newly-married couple can also use light pink in the bedroom and light purple or light green in the children’s room. You try to have light images within the bedroom that are mutual,Love, Affection, Be a symbol of belonging etc, Apply Keep in mind that abstracts on any room curtainPainting, Do not have designs such as violent animal motifs or snakes etc. View of light flowers or vines can place four-moon in the bedroom. Sirhane should not have a ticking clock or any electronics accessories. Indoor used for decoration herePlants should not be there at all because carbon-dioxide is extracted from these plants at night which is harmful to your health. This is named negative energy in Vastu. Beautiful show-piece in husband’s room or figure of gentle birds like-love-bird in perpetual pairs Should be kept only It is good if there is no carpet in the bedroom Internal ARRANGEMENT OF STUDY ROOM
Keep the studying table in the children’s study room in such a way that while studying, the children’s face is always on the east side. There should be some space in front of the table and it is best to have a wall behind the seat. Long time baby due to solid structure,There will be a desire to sit till the mind will be stable. The fickle mind always hinders studies. That is, a window behind your back, There should not be a door or similar open space. Rather in front of your mouth, It is best if there is no window or door on the right or left. Pastel Green in this room, Cream, Must be white or light blue. Broken things around the reading area, Shit, There should be no shoes etc. The bookcase should be on the south or west wall of the room. Children should sleep while sleeping in the east or south
Make Kitchen positive
The gas stove in the kitchen is always above the slab in the east direction and the sink to wash the dishes and green vegetables etc. remained in the northeast angle on your left. Do not use black stone on the slab because black color symbolizes Saturn and fire element,Is and is not a pleasant situation in Vastu. On the slab of the southeast of the kitchen, the lush green plant in a corner makes it feel fresh here and the area is always well-being by the presence of the wood element. Pink or light on the kitchen walls,Color is the best. God in Kitchen, family members, Landscape with beautiful natural scenery should be used by not drawing ancestors etc.HOW ARE THE BATHROOMS?
Here the water taps should be on the walls of the North Athwa East and the commode or seat should be placed in such a way that the person using the face is always in the south and the north. Do not put black tiles on the floor. Bath tub north wall Get along and the bathroom door should always be in the corner of the northeast. The best direction for the glass is the east wall. Nowadays dressing rooms with bathrooms are also built. The cupboard in the dressing room should be fitted with a south or west wall Of walls Motif bottom design in tiles should also not be abstract. Toilet doors should always be closed
Also according to architecture, large doors windows should be placed in the east and north direction. No heavy or large items or large curtains should be placed there. In contrast, the south and west direction is closed, Keep heavy and such that any special sunlight from here, Intense light or intense air could not enter the building. It is called the energy balance of the building in the terminology of architecture. There are no spoiled or stopped clocks in the house needed. Also the thorny bushes of the cactus around the main gate, Dry stub tree, Dustbin, Any mound, Pit, Sewer should not have a mainhole etc. If possible, listening to light religious tunes or Gayatri mantras etc. on your music system in the morning will continue to perfect your entire building with the positive energy of Vastu

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